Concept for exhibition:


(04.04. – 07.07.2019)

Salva Domus / Domus Salva

Salva Domus / Domus Salva constitutes a fusion of Daniel Jasser’s loam based insitu works, and Pachet Fulmen’s performative painting spaces. It seeks to create a sacred space fitted with symbolism of household elements – a bathtub as central part of a domus1, and worldly desires – domination.


The black bathtub entered via wooden stairs, which represents the peaceful, non-violent component of the domus, is filled with fluid thick loam. The exterior of it functions as a blackboard-display for handwritten lyrics and signs drawn with chalk, which are linked to the ancient Egyptian symbolism and its mythology.

It is worth noting that the bathtub not only plays a stationary role, but will also be the central setting of a 30-minute performance starred by Pachet Fulmen. In the performance, a female stereotyped Cleopatra – which represents dominance and power, forces a submissive and devote male figure to take a bath in the dirty and abrasive loam. As a reward for his fidelity and obedience, he will finally receive absolute salvation.



- Loam: The loam needs to be refreshed with water every day, in order for it to

remain fluid and smooth.

- Bathtub: ~ 85x178x60 cm. Material: Ceralite Dickacryl, wood (for the legs and

stairs), black panel color, white chalk.


1 “Type of house occupied by the upper classes and some wealthy freedmen during the Republican and Imperial eras”. See: Frazer,